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figure models and dynamic poses Empty figure models and dynamic poses

Post by jonbaldi on Thu May 02, 2013 2:11 pm

I hope these are new to people who are really trying hard to increase their drawing abilities.

Pose Master Program
So I found this really awesome pose program that has some really dinamic poses that you can reference. They are 3D and not totally accurate in muscile tissue, but they are really close. What I like about it is, how dynamic the pose are, which are harder to find than actual photos of doing such poses. This is a great reference tool for anybody, from comic artist, character designers or some one who like to draw anime stuff, becuase this contains poses that you would normally see in graphic novels, which is what I like to do. The only thing is the facial expression are left to be desired and so far don't have hands and feet to reference, and has a small supply of poses to choos from. But it does allow you to upload any pick that you want to add to the cycle, how great is that?
this was found at Ipaintgirls

Pose Maniacs
This website is also a good reference tool if you don't already know about it. This is introduced in your first classes if you come here to draw. It has a wide range of poses you can use, including the ability to turn then in a 360 degrees. And this shows you all the muscles of the body. This one is great to use, because it doesn't rely on the need to download a program, which means this can be used any where. And it's awesome to let you change the speed of the random poses when your just trying to train your self. My only problem with this is, those poses do feel a little stiff, and not being able to see the skin kind of throws me off. And why can't I get this on my Android phone, to heck with Apple phones.

Pose Space
Now here is the best place to find poses and figure models. These are actual photos of models, which is better than any random pose generator (i.e. links above). This is a must need bookmark on your browser, becuase your teachers need you to study the actual thing (if you can't find your way into the physicle class) Theres not much that I say other than it's what you need rather than want. The only thing is, this is mostly based for figure drawing, which is hard to incorporate to todays style of graphic novels, but still, it's a must have. Another issue, you gotta pay for some drawings, it's not all free.

I may leave more when I find them, and your welcome to post links of great reference tools such as these. I must ask, please make them places that have a wider range than just a blog or only a handful of pictures to use, simply they just can't offer much to us. And say why you like it, this is a forum.

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