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Post by jonbaldi on Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:32 pm

I hope this is a place to put these links because they educational.
Every now and then I love to watch these videos and thought maybe you guys would to.
Its to take the time to learn about new things on why things are or how to come to understand.

Minute Physics
This one is kind of hard to take in all at once, because physics is really hard to grasp for some. (Me included) But it really takes you deep into understanding different things about us. Like the Higgs Boson or Multiverses. Warning: this will hurt your brain, but still enjoyable.

Minute Earth
This one is easier to get into, because it's far more enjoyable and less brain hurting.
I find it really interesting to learn about why things are on our earth, like why leaves are green and not some other color.

RSA animations
This one was the first one I got into, this is more Politics and Philosphy oriented. I loves me a good discussion about why things are they way they are, mostly through Culture. I just find topics like this really engaging and to come back with questions of my own.

Death Battle
Wait, this one it's educational, it's violent. I'm not put this as a source of education for the brain, but more of an education for character design. These video by ScrewAttack
really jump into all the information about a character, from BomberMan to Zelda.
This really helps to maybe consider different back stories for your characters that you wish to create yourself. Because the more the better, no matter how small or over exaggerated the character

So far, these are the only educational stuff that I could find that are animated oriented.
and I know the possible irony about posting three sites that are actual educations, so no pointing that out.

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